EPS Newsletter Term 2 Week 4


Principal Report


Term 2 SWPBS Focus - Respect

Kindness, Responsibility, Resilience.

School Vision:

Our school’s vision is to prepare young people to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community. 

  • We will provide a safe, calm and welcoming learning environment where every child is treated as an individual.


  • We will develop children who have a strong relationship to school and their community. The children will have a sense of self & understand how they learn.


  • We will build and support an open, healthy and welcoming community that is visible in its practical support for the learning and wellbeing of each child. Children will be encouraged to embrace and celebrate difference and they will experience positive interactions with adults.


  • We aim to foster a love of and for our natural environment and nurture a strong sense of stewardship within our students. Eppalock PS prioritises environmental sustainability.


This term we have a focus on Respect as part of our School Wide Positive Behaviours framework.  In each classroom we are regularly highlighting this value this term and speaking to the students about what it means.  Students at Eppalock PS do show great respect consistently, however our focus at the moment is to ensure we respect others when they are talking by showing whole body listening and speaking to each other respectfully in all situations. 


Last week I mentioned the Regional Cross Country event held at the Bendigo Jockey Club.  We had some amazing finishes in the event.  While I will not start listing everyone as I would no doubt miss someone, we did have some students finish in the top ten and top twenty of their event.  Each colour is a different level with Blue being the top runners in the age group.  In some of the Blue and red events there are often over 200 students.  Some special mentions; Miller has again qualified for the next stage and will compete again in a few weeks.  He was able to finish 18th in the Blue group which is a fantastic achievement.  We wish you all the best for the next stage Miller.  Connor finished 3rd in Red group for the second year in a row.  Leisel, Charlotte and Lexi all finished top 15 in their Green group.  As mentioned at assembly, we are extremely proud of all who were able to participate on the day.

It was also very nice to hear from one of our parents that our students showed great encouragement and support of each other on the day by cheering for each other as they finished the race.  Well done all.

We have a few more sporting events coming up on the coming weeks.  Eppalock PS will be entering a hockey team and a soccer team in the schools tournament.  These are good fun days where the aim is to participate, enjoy the day and maybe spark an interest in an activity.  Students don’t have to be an expert in the sport as they will be given some coaching and guidance along the way.


I just wanted to give a little shout out to one of our fit parents who I heard recently completed a marathon at the Bendigo O’Keeffe rail trail running event.  To complete a marathon, 42kms, is an amazing achievement.  Well done H, some great inspiration for us all.

Just a couple of little bits from School Council last night. 

School Council last night officially approved the June 10th student free day.  This is a teacher professional practice day where staff will be exploring or completing their own individual professional learning tasks. Sometimes this includes visiting other schools, completing an online course module or even writing reports or analysing school assessments.  This is a student free day this time around due to the casual teacher shortages across the state at the moment.  June 10th is a Friday and will actually follow a whole school excursion planned for the Thursday and will also lead into the Queen’s birthday holiday on the Monday.  We know it may not suit everyone and apologise for any inconvenience it may cause. 

We also discussed the old bell tree and the ever increasing safety concern it poses.  After receiving some advice about the long term safety of the tree, school council will be taking some action to remove the tree and reinstate it in a more usable and reachable position for all.  School Council acknowledged the importance of the tree and the bell and want to ensure the significance of both are preserved in some form.  We are looking at putting the bell in a steel frame so that it can actually still be used.  Once the tree is removed we intend to reshape the trunk so that it can be used somewhere in the school and even attach a plaque.

School Council operates with sub committees in Curriculum and Policy, Grounds and Maintenance and Finance.  If anyone would like to have input into the Grounds and Maintenance crew or Curriculum and Policy please let us know.

This month curriculum and policy will be reviewing the Child Safe documents and standards as a focus.  Grounds and Maintenance are looking for some willing helpers to assist with painting some of the hand rails around the school.  You don’t have to be a great painter, just have the enthusiasm to give it a go.  You could even work in your own time schedule once you know what to do.


It was great to see some families up and around the school on Friday afternoon to share in some afternoon tea for a Mothers Day and Special person afternoon organised by Parents Club.  As part of this afternoon some of the 456 students prepared some snacks to acknowledge the wonderful work families do at home to support each other.  I did supplement the prepared snacks with some supermarket items just in case, however the students did an amazing job in the kitchen and prepared some gluten free biscuits, brownies, caramel slice and then cut up some fruit for all to share.  Watch out for some kitchen challenges this term.


A reminder that our Friday assemblies take place most weeks at school, depending on other events.  Assemblies will now take place inside the main building and visitors are able to attend.  We do still ask that visitors use hand sanitiser as they enter the school and social distance as much as possible while attending assembly.


NAPLAN assessments were completed this week at school by Grade 3 & 5 students.  All students tried their best and did a great job.  Due to Covid restrictions and remote learning, this was the first time both groups had participated with Grade 5 not having done them in Grade 3.  Our school has transitioned to the online format already, while some other schools were completing them online for the first time.  Thanks Miss S for setting up the assessments and supervising them so well.  We will be running some catch ups this week for students who were absent.  Results will not be released until later in the year.


A reminder that staff duty of care operates from 8:45am-9:00am in the mornings and from 3:15pm-3:30pm at the end of the school day.  Outside of these times there may be times when there are no staff on-site due to a meeting or alternative commitment.  Students arriving before 8:45am will be unsupervised in the yard, other than on scheduled breakfast club days.



We will run breakfast club again next Thursday the 19th May.  The old school building will be open from 8:15am-8:45am for students who would like to have some breakfast at school.  We are able to offer toast and possibly some baked beans for those who are there early enough.



We have a couple of items at school that are on offer to anyone who can make use of them.


We have some second hand school tables which are free to take.  They are currently sitting on the oval balcony if you are interested.  They are in fair condition and you can adjust their heights if needed.


We also have a couple of window awnings which we can no longer use at school due to bushfire guidelines.  One was fitted to the window on the current Principal office and the other is a movable awning which was attached to the current 456 room.  If you are interested come and let me know at school and we can arrange a pick up time.


Next week is Education Week.  On Monday night from 6:00pm-6:30pm we will have our information night for new and prospective parents for 2023.  On Wednesday morning from 9:00am-11:00am we will have our Open Morning for families and special persons.  Come along if you can.




Wednesday 18th - Pie warmer 
                         - MARC Van 

Saturday 21st - Election BBQ & Cake stall @ school

Wednesday 25th - Pie Warmer 
                         - Open Morning @ Eppalock PS - Special persons day. 
                         - Coffee Storm Van @ school 8.45 - 9.45am


Friday 10th - Pupil free day 

Monday 13th - Queens B'day Public holiday 

Thursday 9th - Soverign Hill excursion P-6

Tuesday 21st - Melb Museum Excursion P-6

Friday 24th - Last day of Term 2 - 1.30pm finish

AWARDS - Term 2 Week 4

  Watjarang 287

  Yuliwil       261

  Bunjil        285
  1st     -   p/1

  2nd    -   4/5/6

  3rd     -  2/3
  P/1      Jayden.B 

  2/3      Eadie.M 

  4/5/6  Frankie.J

Edu. Week Open Morning & Special Person Morning Tea

Come and see what's happening at Eppalock Primary School. The students will be displaying their work and sharing a morning tea with all visitors. It's a great opportunity to see what we are all about and to get all the information for enrolment at our fantastic little school


Would you like to get involved in planning a social event this year?
Get in contact to let us know what you are thinking.

Contact Kelly Nunns, Nikki Mannes or Alicia Nunns or email knunnseps@outlook.com
Term 2 Social Events
Bus Tour (parents only) organizing for June (Term 2)
Looking at a Saturday in June, still working out bookings, if your interested & would like to get involved with planning this one let Kelly Nunns, Alicia Martin or Nikki Mannes know & we'll join you in on the planning.

A majority of people wanted to be contacted via email followed by facebook & educate us.
If you chose email, could you please send an email from your preferred account to knunnseps@outlook.com

Term 2 Fundraiser
Election Day BBQ & Cake Stall - This Saturday 21st May
As you know on 21st May is the federeal election. Eppalock Primary School is a voting location & we hold a community BBQ & bake sale to raise funds for the school.
We will be after some volunteers on the day to take a shift on the BBQ & for each family to donate something to sell at our bake sale.

Checkout the Election Day BBQ & Bake Sale article in the newsletter this week for all the details

Special Lunch Day - Bottomless Cup of Soup - 9t
h June
Our next special lunch day, will be the very popular bottomless cup of soup day (my personal favorite)

If you have a favorite soup recipe you would love to make for our young ones & staff, or would like to help serve on the day, please contact Brittany Edwards.
More details to come closer to the date

Other News
School Ground - Working Bees

We will post the working bee roster for each term here as well as any requests from the Grounds & Maintenance Committee nothing has been requested as yet.

Parent Community Meetings

The next meeting will be in June
Last week's meeting was maily around the election BBQ on the 21st May.
 we are applying to the electerol commision to have the BBQ & Cake stall & will be sending home some paperplate & asking families to bake something for the stall the week of the election.
We'll be doing a sausage sizzle rather than the regular Bacon & Egg sandwhiches, due to not having access to the free eggs this year.

If you have some input, or feedback please message me on face book or email knunnseps@outlook.com

What’s Parent Community all about?
The best news is you don't have to join, if you have children at the school, you are already part of our Parent Community. 

Basically, once a month we meet up & look at what social events & fundraisers we would like to achieve throughout the year.

Simple tasks like showing up or being the contact for a gathering, to booking the bowling club or organizing sausages or bread are typically as hard as it gets.

Meetings are held in the old school building, staff room or at the pub & always involve a chat & either a cuppa or lunch depending on time or location.

For more information talk to Kelly Nunns (Lexi and Ethan's Mum) or Alicia Martin (Connor, Jacob & Max's Mum) or Nikki in the office (Charlie's Mum).

Parent Community Reminders & Dates to Remember
Social Events
Regional Bus Tour - June date TBC - parents & guardians only
Election Day BBQ & Cake stall - Saturday 21st May 
Special Lunch Day - Bottomless cup of soup - June 9th

Election Day BBQ & Bake Sale

Election Days is this Saturday Let's get Baking Eppalock!

Spread the word, don't forget to vote & grab a democracy sausage & baked goods from Eppalock Primary School!

The time has come again, Election Day is this Saturday 21st May.
Eppalock Primary school is one of the local voting locations & we are holding a Sausage Sizzle & Bake sale to raise funds for our school.

The BBQ /Bake sale will run from 8am - 2pm Saturday

If you can help out on the BBQ / Bake sale on Saturday please contact Nikki Mannes or Kelly Nunns as soon as you can, the roster went home Friday afternoon but times are as follows.
8am -11am - 1 person needed
9am -1pm - 1 person needed
11am-2pm - 1 person needed
11am- 2:30pm 2 people needed

Please see the link below for the BBQ Roster

This week we will be sending home some paper plates & plastic bags with labels.
We are asking all of our lovely families to please supply a plate of bakes goods - cake, slice, cookies, biscuits, muffins, cupcakes etc.

All ingredients must be listed on the sticker provided (or if you are using a packet mix cut out the ingredients panel & stick it on)

Items can be dropped off on preferably Friday to give us time to price all the goods, or Saturday morning.
 Anything brought in Friday will go in the fridge in the old school building.

Extra Plates are available if required.

Thank you in advance to everyone for chipping in with a plate of goodies.
Thanks again to anyone who has already volunteered their time on the day.