EPS Newsletter Term 3 Week 2



Friday 22nd - Gym

Friday 29th - Gym 


Friday 5th - Gym 

Friday 12th - Gym

Monday 22nd - 3/4 Camp (Return 24th)

Monday 29th - 4/5/6 Camp (Return 31st)

AWARDS - Term 3 Week 2

  Watjarang 305

  Yuliwil       283

  Bunjil        307
  1st     -  

  2nd    -   

  3rd     -  
  P/1     Chelsea.M  

  2/3     Harry.M  

  4/5/6  Miller.E

Parent Community News - Term 3 Week 2

Welcome Back everyone!
Looking forward to another term with everyone.

Term 3 Social Events
Term 3 is a tricky one as the weather is cold & there a plenty of winter sports to be played on the weekends. We have many weekend & shift workers in our community, that can't always make weekend activities.

We are also mindful that it's easier for families to attend & socialise if we keep it simple, and to a time where you would already be together, such as school pick up & drop off.

We were thinking

Family social - Fire & Pizza after school on a Thursday or Friday night in September. If we can tie this in with the Father's Day or Footy Colours day activity that would be amazing.

Adults Social - Trivia night  & dinner at One Tree Hill pub on a Wednesday night in Term 3. It's a great atmosphere, & generous meals, as well as catering for those who normally work weekends.
What other activities would you like to see come out of our community?

If you have some input, or feedback please message me on face book or email knunnseps@outlook.com

Parent Community Meetings - 
Last meeting we worked on term 3 Fundraisers & Social events.
Details in social events & below

Term 3 Fundraiser 
Mango Drive - Lydia Ferring has offered to be our farm contact again & create the flyer. Thank you, Lydia!

 We are looking for one or two volunteers for this one please.
  • Someone to manage the orders, which involves the use of the Mango Drive e-mail account & a spread sheet.
  • The other to manage the face book page, pretty much adding the flyer on the page & updating with a post once a week, recipes, a countdown closer to the pick-up date etc.
If you think you could help out with this in term 3, please contact Kelly Nunns, Lydia Fehring, Alicia Martin via messenger or e-mail, or Nikki Mannes in the office

What’s Parent Community all about?
The best news is you don't have to join, if you have children at the school, you are already part of our Parent Community. 

Basically, once a month we meet up & look at what social events & fundraisers we would like to achieve throughout the year.

Simple tasks like showing up or being the contact for a gathering, to booking the bowling club or organizing sausages or bread are typically as hard as it gets.

Meetings are held in the old school building, staff room or at the pub & always involve a chat & either a cuppa or lunch depending on time or location.

For more information talk to Kelly Nunns (Lexi and Ethan's Mum) or Alicia Martin (Connor, Jacob & Max's Mum) or Nikki in the office (Charlie's Mum).

Parent Community Reminders & Dates to Remember
Social Events

Family Fire & Pizza - after school on a Thursday or Friday night in September.
- date to be confirmed with school

Trivia at One Tree Hill - date to be confirmed - it will be a Wednesday night in term 3.

Mango drive - August-October dates to be confirmed



Don’t forget to bring along your coins on Wednesday 27th July so you can swap them for some great books! We will be raising money to send to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.
We continue to be supported by the Terry Floyd Foundation and Dymocks Children’s Charities. Over the holidays I catalogued $1,000 worth of new books donated by these wonderful organisations, and they are all ready for borrowing!
CBCA Book Week celebrations at Eppalock will happen on Wednesday 24th August. You might want to dig around in the dress up box to see if you have something fabulous to wear! We will be sharing some of the short listed books and choosing our favourites before the winners are announced.
It’s going to be a big, brilliant, bookish term!
Mrs G

ASC - Dancing Tuesdays

Dancing Tuesdays
Commencing Tuesday 26th July ( Incorrect date on Flyer)