EPS Newsletter TERM 3




Term 3 SWPBS Focus - Resilience

Kindness, Responsibility, Resilience.

School Vision:

Our school’s vision is to prepare young people to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community. 

  • We will provide a safe, calm and welcoming learning environment where every child is treated as an individual.
  • We will develop children who have a strong relationship to school and their community. The children will have a sense of self & understand how they learn.
  • We will build and support an open, healthy and welcoming community that is visible in its practical support for the learning and wellbeing of each child. Children will be encouraged to embrace and celebrate difference and they will experience positive interactions with adults.
  • We aim to foster a love of and for our natural environment and nurture a strong sense of stewardship within our students.  Eppalock PS prioritises environmental sustainability.

Week 10 Term 3 2022

Bookweek was back last week.  There were many great costumes around the school which made for a fun and colourful day.  Huge thanks to Sue for her fantastic organisation and preparation of these days which she does across all of the MARC van schools.  The students participated in some Bookweek activities in their House groups which was a positive way to work with others across the school who they might not normally work with.


We also had a footy colours day on Friday which was just an informal way of acknowledging father’s day from last weekend. It was great to see so many adults around the school on Friday afternoon having a kick of the footy, throw of the basketball or general tour of the school yard environment with their child.  Unfortunately we had a bit of rain at the end of the day to dampen the finish, but we were able to move inside and present H.Symes with the footy tipping trophy for this year.  Hayden actually finished in the top 1700 tipsters in Australia which is an amazing achievement.  Thanks to parents club for organising an after school catch up with any families able to stay around for a while, particularly Kellie and her helpers for the work done for this event.  Keep an eye out for parents club social activities.  They are always a good way to meet new families.

Huge thanks to those families who were able to help out last weekend at the HDFNL clean-up.  With many hands we were able to complete the task really quickly and get back to Father’s day.  Much appreciated that we were able to get so many helpers.

This week our students acknowldged Are you Ok day with Lydia in her sessions.  Here are a couple of samples of work completed by the students after some discussion about the purpose of the day.


This Thursday we have an excursion to the Melbourne Arts Centre for the grade 4-6 students.  Please see individual notes for more details for this event on Thursday.


  • Please ensure longer hair is tied back each day when coming to school.
  • Wednesday is the last day for Pie Warmer for this year.
  • Any changes to regular pick up routines are best communicated via phone and speaking directly to a staff member so that it can be recorded in the after school pick up folder. We cannot always guarantee an email will be seen in time during the day.
  • Staff duty of care begins at 8:45am in the morning. Breakfast club is not currently in operation.  Please do not drop your child at school too early in the mornings.
  • Hats are required for term 4. Please ensure your child has the Eppalock PS broad brimmed hat ready to go for next term.

School Review Term 4

School review will take place on Monday 10th October and Wednesday 19th October.  On these two days the school will welcome a panel of reviewers and challenge partners into the school to visit classrooms and speak with students, parents and staff about school progress over the last 4 years and set some future goals.  We will be calling for some parents who would be willing to sit and chat with our reviewers on one of these days.  Let us know if you would be available.

School Items for removal

We still have a large worm farm which is available at school for anyone that would like to take it away.  Would love for it to disappear over the holiday break.

We also have some awnings at the back of the school which can be claimed at any stage.

2022 Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey

Aiming for 30 responses and we have one week to go.  This is different to the school review feedback.  We can do it.  The link can be find on educateus.  I am told you can complete the survey in less than 10 minutes.  Contact Mr O directly if you would like the link sent to you.

The Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Survey concludes on Friday 16th September.

Medical plans and asthma plan updates

It is very important that any families/students who require individualised medical plans or asthma plans send them along to school for the beginning of term 4.  Updated requirements around allergies, asthma, hayfever, food requirements should be documented by parents and lodged at school, usually alongside a conversation with Kristy who oversees this information as well as classroom teachers.

Enrolments for 2023

There will be some information sent home shortly which outlines term 4 transition days for families who have confirmed and lodged enrolment forms for 2023.  At this stage we have 8 confirmed Foundation enrolments for 2023 which is fantastic.  If you know of any other families who have not yet enrolled or are thinking of enrolling for 2023 – please get them to contact the school asap.



Thursday 15th - Arts Centre Excursion 4/5/6 

Friday16th - Last Day of Term - 1.30pm Finish (Casual clothes day)

Monday 3rd - First Day TERM 4
Wednesday 5th - MARC Van
Wednesday 5th-7th - Camp Kooyoora 5-6
Wednesday 19th- MARC Van 
Wednesday 26th - Bendigo Cup Day Public Holiday 

Wednesday 2nd - MARC Van

Wednesday 9th-11th - Camp Wilkins 3-6
Wednesday 16th - MARC Van

Monday 21st - Report Writing Day - Student Free Day
Tuesday 29th - PREP Orientation Day 10-11am
Wednesday 30th - MARC Van

Tuesday 6th -
PREP Orientation 10-11.30am
Tuesday 13th - State Wide Transition Day 9-11.30am
Wednesday 14th - MARC Van

Wednesday 21st - Last Day TERM 4 - 1.30pm Finis

AWARDS - Term 3 Week 10

  Watjarang 494

  Yuliwil       443

  Bunjil        540
  1st     -   P/1

  2nd    -   2/3

  3rd     -  4/5/6
  P/1    NATE.S

  2/3    JAIDEN.N

  4/5/6 MIKAYLAH.N


Term 3 is coming to an end, wishing everyone a safe & interesting school break.

Term 3 Fundraiser August -October (Delivered in December)
Thanks to everyone who has shared the Eppalock Primary School Mango Fundraiser page on Facebok

Please jump on & share the post if you have not already, it really does help us get the word out.

How can you help?... 
Please jump onto Facebook & go to the Eppalock Primary School Mango Fundraiser, Share the post pinned to the top of the page "2022 Mango Drive Flyer"
The full sized trays are back at $27 this year.

Parent Community Reminders & Dates to Remember
Social Events - done for the term

Mango drive - August-October This has started


Our grades 2-6's have been participating in the OzHarvest Feast program this term.

Aimed at inspiring kids to eat healthy, waste less and become change-makers in our community.

It is a STEM project based learning program focusing on food and sustainability.

Today we made fast fritters which were a big hit, with some children not only trying new foods but devouring them! I have attached the recipe (requested by lots of students) we replaced the peas with grated potato.
Thanks for an engaging and yummy program

Bendigo OZTAG



Bendigo Oztag invites the Bendigo community to come along and give a new sport a try. Our come and try evenings are free of charge.

Bendigo Oztag offers an inclusive Junior competition teaching all children the skills they'll need to enjoy themselves whilst making new friends.

We are also seeking interest from senior players to begin an adult competition, men & women of all ages.

We look forward to meeting some new faces and families.

*A call out for volunteers for various activities to help our season run seamlessly is always an advantage.

Anyone looking to keep fit and join our referees can head on down to the field to meet with us as well.

If you need any further info you can contact - Marnie on 0447 946 927 or email - marniegudge@gmail.com or look up Bendigo Oztag on Facebook