EPS Newsletter Term 4 Week 6



Term 4 SWPBS Focus


Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.

Scoll Adams

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience.

School Vision:

Our school’s vision is to prepare young people to become active, engaged and responsible citizens of the local and global community. 

  • We will provide a safe, calm and welcoming learning environment where every child is treated as an individual.
  • We will develop children who have a strong relationship to school and their community. The children will have a sense of self & understand how they learn.
  • We will build and support an open, healthy and welcoming community that is visible in its practical support for the learning and wellbeing of each child. Children will be encouraged to embrace and celebrate difference and they will experience positive interactions with adults.
  • We aim to foster a love of and for our natural environment and nurture a strong sense of stewardship within our students.  Eppalock PS prioritises environmental sustainability.

We acknowledged World Teacher’s Day last Friday with a small presentation during the day to our teaching staff.  Each class was able to present a small token of appreciation and some students were able to say a few words.  We thank our amazing staff for all that they do and continue to do for the students and families of our community.  Thanks also to our education support staff for working with the students to prepare something for the day.

We had our term 4 swimming sessions last week which seemed to go well.  The new Kangaroo Flat centre has received positive feedback from families, students and staff which is great.  We will book in some 2023 dates at the centre in term 1 and 4 so that we can continue this connection in the future.  Thanks to families for preparing and organising the students for the sessions.

Miss B’s class had a great day at Pevan and Sarah last Wednesday.  There were lots of smiling faces and excited reports back at school at the end of the day.  Bowling was also a huge hit with a few strikes happening on the day.  Thanks Miss B for organising this fun experience for the group.  Check out the school Facebook page for some great photos of the event.

Our final camp experience will take place this week from 9th November to 11th November.  It is an early start on Wednesday morning so please ensure students involved are at school before the bus leaves.  The bus also gets back a bit later on the Friday afternoon so please check information for drop off and pick up times.  We have had more camps than usual this year thanks to the Positive start program being introduced.  I would like to acknowledge all of our staff for their dedication and commitment to the camping program and giving up their own time to ensure our students are being provided with the opportunity to have a couple of nights away from home in a supportive environment, while also having lots of fun with peers. Next year we will be working to take advantage of the Positive Start program again so we may have another camp in the first semester of 2023 before it ends. 

Our P/2 group will also have a Stayback event in the coming weeks.  Grade 2 students will get the opportunity to sleep over at school.  This event helps students to develop the confidence to stay away from home in the lead up to a Grade 3 camp.  School camping experiences can cause some nerves, but I would encourage families to have positive conversations at home about these events and work to ensure your child attends.

I have included our overarching goals again for our next cycle of Strategic plan.  Last week we worked on developing our targets that will sit under these goals and the key improvement strategies.  Once these are confirmed I will publish them and refer to them regularly to ensure we know the direction we are heading in the next four years.

Goal 1

To improve learning growth and achievement for all students in Literacy and Numeracy.

Goal 2.

Empower students to be engaged and self-regulated learners.

2023 Classes

A more detailed piece of information has been put on educateus recently with the announcement that 2023 will see some slight but necessary changes to our class structures.  Please take the time to have a read of that information so that families are aware of what will take place in 2023.  Making some changes is a positive thing, as it does mean the school is going well and attracting some new enrolments into the school.  The changes will allow some flexibility with class sizes for the next few years to ensure numbers are kept as low as possible in all rooms.

Covid Updates & illness

We have had a few different illnesses going around in the school community recently.  Not too many notifications of a positive Covid case, but symptoms of cold and flu with a negative Covid test result.  Please continue to monitor for illness and use the RA tests where required.  It is still important to keep students home if they are showing symptoms to keep our whole school community healthy and well.  Hopefully a bit of warmer weather will help in the coming weeks.

School Items for removal

We still have two old school awnings still at the school which were only removed due to the fire shutters being installed earlier this year so are still in good condition.  If you are interested please contact the office. 

Transition Days

A reminder for families that these days are coming soon.  If you have a child starting in 2023 and they may need access to additional funding for an education support staff member, please contact the school.

Curriculum Day

Also a reminder that Monday 21st November is a student free curriculum day.  There will be no staff on-site at all on that day.

Important Dates Week 6 Term 4

Wednesday 9th-11th - Camp Wilkins 3-6

Wednesday 16th - MARC Van

Monday 21st - Report Writing Day - Student Free Day

Thursday 24th - P/1/2 Stayback 

Tuesday 29th - PREP Orientation Day 10-11am

Wednesday 30th - MARC Van

Thursday 1st - Special lunch day - Fruit Salad

Tuesday 6th - 
PREP Orientation Day

Friday 9th - Community night

Tuesday 13th - State Wide Transition Day 9-11.30am

Wednesday 14th - MARC Van

Thursday 15th - Grade 6 Graduation Night 

Tuesday 20th - Last Day TERM 4 - 1.30pm Finis

AWARDS - Term 4 Week 6

  Watjarang 72

  Yuliwil       36

  Bunjil        64
  1st     -   P/1

  2nd    -   2/3

  3rd     -  4/5/6
  P/1    Audrey.J

  2/3   Oscar.P

  4/5/6 Lexi.N


Come & join us for lunch This Thursday 10th November, we'll be having lunch in the city centre 12pm 
(Location still to be confirmed)
We will be running through the agenda, & end of year events, as well as a snap shot of term 1 fundraiser & social events.

Term 4 Social Events
Communiuty night will be held after the school end of year concert. 
This year we would like to get back to a shared meal giving everyone the chance to mingle.
We will be putting on a sausage sizzle & will ask for donations of salad on the night from our wonderful families.

Fingers crossed Santa will have time again this year to pop in to spread some christmas cheer.

Term 4 Fundraiser 
Mango fundraiser is finished & we sold a whopping 406 trays!!!

Delivery date in December will be booked in shortly 

Parent Community Meeting - This Thursday 10th November
Lunch in town - location still to be confirmed, everyone is welcome!

Parent Community Reminders & Dates to Remember
Parent Community Meeting November  - This Thursday 10th  (lunch in town, location TBA

Social Events - 
Community night - Friday 9th December 

Mango drive - done (delivered in December dates TBC)

MARC Van - End of year borrowing

The last MARC VAN for the year will be on Wednesday 13th December.  Please make sure to bring your books back on or before this date as Sue will be handing out a little gift for anyone that has no outstanding books.  




Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Eppalock Primary School now has funding to establish an Out of School Hours Care program. For more information contact the school on 5439 6366 or Our Patch on 1300 018 310. Or click on the link below.
Our patch – Our Patch



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