EPS Newsletter Term 2 Week 8


2/3/4 Classroom Teacher- Term 4

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we are able inform families of the classroom teacher in the 2/3/4 room when Mrs Gardner heads off on maternity leave. Chris McDermott will be taking on the classroom teaching role for the term. We have been very fortunate to have Chris working in the classroom as an Education Support staff. Chris has been working in the role at EPS for the past two years and prior to this, Chris worked in the UK as a teacher for 5 years. Chris brings experience as a relief teacher but also worked as a classroom teacher in a specialist school setting for four years. This experience, as well as working along Kellie, will enable students to continue engaging with a familiar educator and maintain momentum for the final term of this year.


School Wide Positive Behaviour Feedback

Thanks to all families who provided feedback regarding Positive Behaviour Support via Google Forms. After some work and collation, we have identified areas of concern from students and families. Specifically, areas that were highlighted were the oval, the base and the eating area. After working through feedback, we are in the process of developing specific signage outlining expectations for these areas. This work will be completed early next term so please keep your eyes out for the news signs out around the school. We would like to thank all families for their involvement in shaping our school culture.


5/6 Snow Camp

The students arrived today with a bit of extra skip in their step as they prepared to head off on the 5/6 Snow Camp. We wish all the students and staff a great time and wonderful experience up at Mt. Buller and we are looking forward to hearing of all their adventures and experiences upon their return this Friday. A special acknowledgement to Liam Tonzing and Lydia Fehring for their organisation and time away with the students on this camp.


5/6 Soccer

Well, we are back on for Wednesday the 21st. We are desperately seeking an umpire in order for us to attend so if you are able to come and umpire on the day, please contact the school as soon as possible.


5/6 Netball

On July 19th, we are sending 6 girls to play at the Red Energy Centre (along with 2 or 3 Axedale students) to represent EPS at the Netball. On the day, as with other teams, we need to provide an umpire in order to register a team. Please contact the school if you are available to help out in this manner.


5/6 Football

On Wednesday, July 26th, we are teaming up with Axedale Primary and submitting a boys’ team and a girls’ team for a footy carnival at Kennington Primary School. We are waiting to hear if we need to provide an umpire or scorer on the day.


Student Reports

We are aiming to send home end of semester reports on Wednesday, June 21st.

Nikki Away- Final Week of Term

Nikki will not be in for the final week of this term and is taking a well-deserved break. Please be mindful when calling that we may take some time to answer.

Covid Information and Masks

Firstly, if your child is sick or presenting flu-like symptoms, please keep them home from school. Please ensure that if your child is sick that you update uEducateUs to reflect this.  There have been a few enquiries as to what the process is if a child tests positive to Covid.


If your child tests positive to Covid,


  1. Parents/carers should complete the Student COVID-19 COVID Test Portal if a student tests positive to COVID-19 (via a PCR or rapid antigen test).
  2. Students who report a positive result are recommended to isolate for a minimum of 5 days and not attend school until their symptoms have resolved.

Staff and students who wish to wear a face mask should be supported to do so, and schools should continue to make face masks available for staff, students and visitors. The Department of Health recommends that masks should be worn by a person who is a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 when leaving home. Additionally, the Department of Health recommends that masks should be worn by a person who has COVID-19 for at least 7 days after a positive test when they need to leave home.



Monday 12th - Kings B'day Public Holiday 

Tuesday 13th - 16th - 5/6 Snow Camp

Wednesday 14th - NO Pie warmer
-MARC Van 

Wednesday 21st - Pie Warmer 

Thursday 22nd - Blended Arts Excursion 2-6

Friday 23rd June - Last day Term 2, 1.30pm finish & Casual clothes day 


Monday 10th - First day Term 3

Wednesday 12th - MARC Van 

Monday 17th - Girls Netball 

Wednesday 26th - Mixed Footy
                         - MARC Van


Wednesday 9th - MARC Van

AWARDS - Term 2 Week 8

P/1 - Charlie.P - It's awesome to see your personality and sense of humour shining through.

 - Angus.M - For setting an example in the playground by learning new skills.         

2/3  - Audrey.S - For showing leadership skills and initiative on camp. 

        - Nicky.M - For approaching tasks in numeracy with confidence and determination. 

4/5/6 - Jack.W - For being a respectful, kind and an enthusiastic member of the classroom.

           - Annika Hall - For showing resposibility by continually giving her best effort through challening concepts in the classroom.


Charlie.P - For being an awesome sportsman and trying his very best in downball

Levi.A - For being patient and being great at sport during recess/lunch and taking care of his peers 


Watjarang  326
  Yuliwil      304

  Bunjil       393

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