Living Green


Eppalock PS has a commitment to sustainability education – learning for, in and about the environment through our Living Green program.

Through Living Green, every student participates in hands-on learning in the garden, in the classroom, in the bush and in the kitchen.


For one-and-a-half hours a week children are immersed in this multi-disciplinary program.  Each term the theme changes.  Units have included: Where is Away? (waste education), How does our garden grow? What is a healthy habitat? Whatever the weather and Keeping the Culture.

Living Green is closely linked to the Victorian Curriculum and addresses a variety of learning areas in every unit, with a particular focus on scientific hands-on learning at all levels of primary school.  Eppalock Primary School lends itself to diverse learning opportunities, with a garden designed and managed by the students, a kitchen where we cook produce with the help of volunteers, chooks, worms and a bushland area.  We have strong community links and engage experts from our local and broader community to assist in our program.


Living Green is a flexible program which allows for student led learning with a strong focus on being relevant and providing a link between school and home-based learning.  As a result students feel empowered and are able to enact change.