School Bus Route

The Eppalock Primary school bus starts at Strathfieldsaye Road / Mills and travels along the following roads;

  • Strathfieldsaye Road
  • Axe Creek Road
  • Abbotts Road
  • Clancy Road
  • Doles Road
  • Patons Road
  • Back onto Axe Creek Road to Myrtle Creek Road along to Barty's Road (on some maps Myrtle Creek -Road is called Carnochans Road on the section from Kelly's Road to Barty's Road)
  • Return back to Axe Creek Road and Bendigo Sutton Grange Road to the municipal boundary
  • Back along Bendigo Sutton Grange Road, Axe Creek Road to Emu Creek Road
  • Hargreaves Road, Mannes Lane and Patons Road to school