Our school is fortunate to have experienced teachers and very small class sizes throughout all grade levels.

We give adequate time to the acquisition of Literacy. The timetable allows for a two hour Literacy block every day. This is adhered to quite strongly.

At Eppalock Primary School all teachers from Prep to  Grade 6 use the ‘whole class - small group - whole class' approach to teaching reading and writing. Teachers plan to teach phonics & develop programs that incorporate sound and letter association from an early stage.

The Senior department uses Guided Reading to teach strategies and engage literacy learners.



Junior and Middle school uses Guided Reading and strategies to support all students with their literacy acquisition.  
Teachers use benchmarking texts to accurately match students to home reading and teacher focused Guided Reading. NAPLAN data (Grade 3 & 5) is used to assist focus teaching.

Literacy acquisition is enhanced with our wonderful range of literature in our school library and fortnightly visits from the MARC Van library.